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Castor Oil for Stomach Cleansing

Using Castor oil for stomach cleansing is one of the best natural cleansing techniques. Castor oil cleansing properties are very effective to clean and strengthen your digestive system, so if you are suffering from constipation, or having problems with acidity, or just you care about your health; Using Castor oil for stomach cleansing might be the solution you are searching for.

Castor oil "is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the castor plant (the scientific name: Ricinus communis). It originates in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia, and is characterized by its translucent, yellowish, as well as its medicinal uses”.

Castor Oil for Stomach Cleansing | Detoxification Works ®

Important note: Castor oil for stomach cleansing is not advisable for pregnant women
  • Benefits Of Castor Oil

  • How to Use Castor Oil for Stomach Cleansing?

  • How Often Should you Use Castor Oil to Cleanse?

  • What to Expect After you DO A Castor Oil Cleanse?

The Benefits of Castor Oil:

    1. Stomach toxification leads to constipation. It causes abdominal pain. Castor oil works like a natural laxative that eases constipation and reduces pain with gradual use.

    2. Boosts body immunity

    3. Castor oil reduces the level of toxins in the stomach, this improves digestion and reduces common abdominal problems like irritable bowels, cramps, gas, nausea, and vomiting. This reduces depression and fatigue in the end.

    4. An impressive anti-inflammatory property, Castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, which reduces inflammation and relieves pain; this is why it is used to help with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis.

    5. Reduces blackheads/acne

    6. Helps grow your beard

    7. Castor oil is also great for cleansing your body

    8. Promotes hair growth

    9. Helps with delaying the aging signs

    10. Reduces hair breakage

    11. Helps grow healthy tissue to remove scars (long term)

    12. Reduces joints pain/arthritis

    13. Reduces wrinkles

    14. Thickens eyebrows and eyelashes

    15. Nourishes dry skin

    16. Treats brittle and cracked nails

    17. Softens calluses

    18. Prevents stretch marks

    19. Soothes sunburn

    20. Repairs split ends

    21. Heals chapped lips

    Best ways to use Castor oil for stomach cleansing

    There are several ways to use the castor oil for cleansing your stomach:

    • Castor Oil With Ginger

    • Milk Castor Oil 

    • Castor Oil Detoxification Pack


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    detox and cleanse kit


    Safe Dosage of Castor Oil:

    Taking castor oil more than the permissible doses can cause some side effects. Therefore, these quantities should not be exceeded.

    The following are the safe doses of castor oil depending on the age groups of people:

    Adults: In cases of constipation, one oral dose is between 15-60 ml. Before undergoing colorectal surgery, the oral dose is between 15-60 milliliters before 16 hours of undergoing surgery. Children: less than two years, 1-5 milliliters once. between 2-12 years old, 5-15 milliliters once. and children with more than 12 years old, 15-60 ml once.

    • Castor Oil With Ginger:

    Castor Oil and ginger tea for Stomach Cleansing

      For a ginger tea + castor oil cleanse you can start with:

      1 teaspoon of ginger powder with one cup of water

      2 teaspoons of castor oil

      Mix the ginger tea and the castor oil and drink it while it is warm, not cold, and not very hot.

      The taste of the castor oil added to the tea might be very strong at first but it is very helpful to your health

      Castor Oil Detoxification Pack:

      External application of oil to help a human body is one of the oldest ways of healing. and using castor oil for external stomach and intestines cleansing is no different from other oils, you can simply rub the warm castor oil over your belly region and after that cover your belly with a clean hot towel (you can use a hot bottle of water to keep the towel hot for a longer time), and then leave it for an hour, this way the oil will be fully effective.

      This method will help your body to get rid of bloating and gas caused by the type of foods you are eating every day.

       Castor Oil and Hot Water:

      castor oil and warm water for stomach cleansing

      Hot water and castor oil for cleansing your stomach, what an amazing mix. There is many benefits of this method, like removing gas and bloating, reduce acidity and many, many more, is it also very easy to implement and it is very fast if you don’t have a lot of time for the castor oil detoxification pack method, to use this method you need to:

      You need to have an empty stomach before starting this cleansing, then Add One tablespoon of castor oil to a cup of hot water and drink it once a week, some sources indicate that you need to drink twice a week but once is sufficient.

      • Castor Oil and Milk

        castor oil and milk for stomach cleansing

      Merging the nutrition of milk and the healing powers of castor oil is a great way to heal your gut; the milk can hide the taste of the oil that can be a little strong sometimes.

      Just like the previous methods, All you have to do is mixing 1 tablespoon of castor oil with a glass of milk and drink it once a week on an empty stomach.

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      Majdi Shahein | Naturopathic Doctor and a Detox Specialist with Detoxification Works ® 

      Majdi Shahein | Naturopathic Doctor and a Detox Specialist with Detoxification Works ®

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