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A. Richards on Aug 26, 2018 Worth every penny!

I came across Detoxification Works on Facebook. The consultation was awesome! many digestive issues, I had no idea you could fix so many things if you just "fix your stomach" It was really educational and worth every penny. I now give advice to people around really learned a lot. Coffee enema was suggested and I really didn't feel it and hated the idea but tried it and that fixed my very bad constipation and as a result hemorrhoids are gone now! who knew! I am now eating better. Some supplements from the store were also suggested to me, I ordered them, that was a great help that the supplements were a perfect fit and exactly what I needed. 5 STARS!!!


Danielle Johnson on Feb 14, 2018 Amazing!

Always on the go, busy with kids and work and life, I never thought that a simple consultation at Detoxification Works would help me so much. I got the consultation as a gift from my best friend Ronnie, I filled a questionnaire via email, long yes but I answered as much as I could, I put in what supplements I am taking, what food I eat and when....etc I honestly felt amazing instantly, I learn about how and why my body is failing me...first follow up was even better news, then by the second follow up my life has completely transformed to the best! i think this is the best gift I got so far. I learned so much, so much information is out there. You really need a custom consultation, someone who would look at your lifestyle and give you an advice on what to eat and when and why are you tired, depressed at times...etc. HIGHLY recommended!!!!!


Lisa Goble on Jul 05, 2017 Very satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase

I have been using this product for a month now. I primarily ordered it for my heart health. I have noticed a difference in the amount of heart racing I was experiencing, has considerably diminished. This is a very high-quality krill oil--I have been very pleased! Item arrived on time and as described by seller. I would not hesitate to buy from this seller again.


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american express discover master paypal visa