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My Natural Detoxification Discovery Story

In 2014, I was hospitalized with an unspecified illness misdiagnosed as a lung infection. Despite finishing the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, I remained ill with crushing headaches, loss of appetite, and insomnia. This left me feeling depressed and anxious, and my health deteriorated further. I knew that I needed to change my life to save it, and that is when I discovered detoxification.

 After a three-month absence from my job, I returned looking haggard, pale and as though I had aged 10 years.  I visited more doctors who prescribed more unhelpful medications, including antidepressants that have potentially dangerous side effects.

 At my job as a chemical engineer, I worked on manyToxicity Report Analysis. From these reports, I learned that everyday items could contain toxic elements that, if ingested, could damage the immune system. I wondered if toxin build-up could explain my lengthy illness.

 I began to research the effects of these toxins on the human body. I learned that many of the medications I had been taking can leave behind toxins that affect liver function and possibly even lead to death.  More importantly, I learned how to cleanse the body and rid it of these harmful elements. 

 I designed my own detoxification diet and treatment plan. After I followed the plan, the side effects of the medication (such as headaches, hemorrhoids and constipation) began to clear up. My allergies to cats and dust even cleared up. I am happy to say I am in the best shape of my life. I decided I really wanted to help others overcome similar problems based on what worked for me.

I believe the human body can heal itself if nurtured properly. Natural detoxification allowed my body to cure its ailments. Detoxification even led me to a new job, after years of studying, as a Registered Detoxification Specialist.

I truly enjoy my new line of work. Watching people recover their health and vitality through the removal of toxins from their body has really been a pleasure. I know my plan of natural treatments and diet to detox your body can help you be the best and healthiest you can be.  

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