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Nattokinase Power Plus (60 Day Supply)

Detoxification Works ®
Nattokinase Power Plus (60 Day Supply) - Detox Works ®

Nattokinase Power Plus (60 Day Supply)

Detoxification Works ®
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I've been taking Nattokinase for a decade and have seen remarkable improvements in my blood circulation, confirmed by a recent analysis. I am happy with this non-GMO supplement, chosen independently for my Atrial Fibrillation, consists of a 60-capsule bottle, with each capsule containing 2000 FUs, perfect for 2 months supply." - Tara A Verified Buyer nattokinase



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Revitalize your well-being with Nattokinase Power Plus, a robust blend of 100mg / 2000 FUs Nattokinase and select botanicals, each chosen for their unique contributions to a health-conscious lifestyle. Our Nattokinase, sourced from fermented non-GMO Soybeans, is joined by Black Seed, Sea Moss, Green Tea, Dandelion Root, and more—each playing a role in supporting your body's natural processes.

Crafted with care, this supplement aims to complement your heart health routine and assist in daily immune support. It embraces the time-honored wisdom of traditional ingredients while backed by modern research, merging the best of both worlds for your health journey.

With Nattokinase Power Plus, empower your daily health practices with a formula that's rooted in nature and validated by science, marking a new step toward maintaining your vitality.

Unique Formula Features
Heart Health: Aids in managing blood pressure and breaking down blood clots for a healthier heart.

Immune Support: Daily support to maintain a strong and responsive immune system.

Detoxifying Botanicals: A blend of Black Seed, Dandelion Root, Green Tea, and Sea Moss work synergistically to support detoxification and cellular health.

The Power Of Nattokinase: Harvested from natto, Nattokinase is a proteolytic enzyme renowned for its ability to thin the blood and combat clots, vital for preventing heart disease.

Potent Botanicals:
Black Seed & Dandelion Root: Enhance cellular defense and detoxification.

Selenium & Green Tea: Offer powerful antioxidant support, reducing oxidative stress and aiding recovery.

Sea Moss: A mineral-rich botanical aiding tissue and muscle repair.

EFSA Approved Health Claims:
Selenium: Supports immune function, and the maintenance of hair and nails.

Vitamin D: Contributes to immune health, inflammation management, and the development of bones and teeth, particularly in children.

IMPORTANT WARNING: If you are currently on blood pressure medication, pregnant, nursing, or taking blood-thinning medications, consult with your healthcare provider before using this product. Avoid use if any of these conditions apply to you. Keep out of reach of children.

Incorporate our Nattokinase Power Plus into your daily routine for a heart that beats with vitality and an immune system ready to defend.

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