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Multi-Flora (30 Day Supply)

5 reviews Detoxification Works ®
Multi Flora Modified

Multi-Flora (30 Day Supply)

5 reviews Detoxification Works ®
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A High-Strength | Multi-Strain Probiotics

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Multi-Flora is a high-strength, multi-strain probiotic supplement with 4 billion friendly bacteria per capsule - equivalent to 8 pots of probiotic yogurt, but without the added sugar, dairy and fat.

It provides 8 strains of friendly lactic bacteria which should inhabit a healthy gut, and offers full-spectrum support of the upper and lower bowel.

Micro-encapsulated for acid resistance, this probiotic contains human compatible friendly bacteria strains which are bile and acid tolerant with high adherence ability - no need to refrigerate and guaranteed to provide 4 billion live bacteria per capsule for up to 12 months.

It has been specifically formulated for natural health practitioners who treat digestive and intestinal  disorders. It is ideal for use following antibiotics, travelling abroad and colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

If Multi-Flora is taken alone (as opposed to in combination with other digestive health supplements), start off with a higher intake of 3 - 4 capsules, split up throughout the day with food for 2 - 4 weeks. Thereafter, intake to be reduced to 1 capsule, 1 to 3 times per day before meals or as advised.

Best results are achieved when Multi-Flora ProBio:

  • is combined with our other digestive health supplements and intestinal products
  • is taken continuously for 2 - 3 months, together with improved eating habits.

🆒 Does not require refrigeration


Multi Flora


ALLERGY ADVICE: for allergens, see ingredients in bold. Contains traces of soy and milk (these are used in the bacterium growth medium) at levels which should not affect lactose intolerance sufferers.


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International orders are shipped via Royal Mail unless we specify. International delivery times vary from 5 to 7 business days. 

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Wanda G.

In the past, I was asked many times to write reviews on products I've purchase from on different places and this is the first time doing it. I am amazed at what this product has done for me -- it has been an answered prayer. For the last couple of years, I've had problems with constipation, which I'd never had before. I would get extremely bloated, even causing me to be short of breath -- I dreaded putting anything in my stomach. And the gas (both ends) was horrid. I'd never had a gas problem before. When I went to the health food store, I originally thought I needed a different digestive enzyme. I spoke with a sales person there and they suggested I try a probiotic. I honestly didn't think that would help, but feeling desperate decided to give it a try. She recommended a different product and I got SOME relief, but not a lot -- but realized the probiotics just might be my answer. I did much research online, comparing brands and decided to try this particular probiotic. Within 3 days I felt a difference. And I've now been taking it for a while now and it's been a God-send for me. I'm having at least 1 and usually 2 good "healthy" BM's a day. I'm not bloated anymore ...and there's no more trouble breathing. My gas has been reduced by probably 95%. And as an added bonus, my acid reflux is better -- Before I was having to take 5-8 antacids a day and now I'm down to maybe 2, depending on what I eat. This product is a win-win for me and it totally blew my socks off!

lan B.
I was never a believer

... of this probiotic stuff. But when brother came from Japan bringing another product like this and told me it has helped him with the stomach problems he's been having since we were young. After that, I became a believer and ordered in this site for my family. I can never be happier knowing that it's helping keeping them healthy. Thank you!

Elena H.

We love Detoxification Works 4 Billion Probiotic! The price is great considering the number of strains and total amount of probiotics. It has been working just as well or better than a more expensive brand we used to use. Thank you Detoxification Works!

Jean F.
Good Product!

As a beginner in probiotic supplements, I was unsure of what effect (if any) this would have on my overall health, but especially my digestive health. I won't go into the gory details, but I will say that it helped with energy levels (meaning better nutrition metabolism and absorption). My overall GI experiences has changed, and it's noticeable if I miss taking this every morning.

Julie D.
No more bloating

For years I suffered with IBS related symptoms and tried many alternative supplements to alleviate this condition. Since taking one of these daily I have noticed a huge difference. They have helped me no end. Marvelous!! No more bloating for me :)

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