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Limited Time Only | Menopause Support Kit

Menopause Kit Detoxification Works
Detoxification Works ®
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Value Detoxification Works

A Natural Approach For Women

This Combo Pack SAVES You More Than $15

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Easy step-by-step guide to using the Menopause Support Kit.


  • 2 x pots Menopause Support

    menopause  poster
  • 1 x pot Multi Advance Nourishment 

    multi advanced poster
  • 1 x pot Electrolyte Balance Plus

    electrolyte plus poster
  • 1 x pot Multi - Flora 

    MULTI FLORA poster

With no added sugars, artificial flavorings or colors, this food supplement provides an alternative to sugary yogurts and yogurt drinks containing bacteria cultures. In fact, it provides the equivalent of 8 tubs of Probiotic yogurt, but without the sugar, dairy and calories!

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    american express discover master paypal visa