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Can Your Eyes Change Color?

Can Your Eyes Change Color?

Can eyes change colour (or, for the Brits, can eyes change colour)? Whether they are brown eyes turning green or eyes changing colour from blue to green, you can lighten eye colour through detox.

It’s true, detoxing can actually change the colour of your eyes. The iris is connected with our digestive system.

Can Your Eyes Change Color? | Detoxification Works ®

Why Eye Color Changing After a Detox

Even iris lightening, a branch of eye colour change, is possible through detox. Healthy Bliss claims that layers of coloration can dissipate after the body becomes cleaner.

Why Eye Color Changing After a Detox | Detoxification Works ®

Green eyes turn blue

When there is poor elimination of metabolic waste accumulated uric acid waste may be released by the kidneys and skin.  The kidneys are overworked and so they give their excess work to the skin therefore extensive skin problems is frequently (but not always) an indicator of a build-up of toxins.  Once the uric acid is released, where there was once a build-up of uric acid in the body the yellow hue of the eye lessens, and a green eye becomes more blue.

Grey eyes turn blue

An imbalance of pH in the body may cause white fibres to be on top of blue fibres. Consuming too much coffee and sugar, for example, might cause this especially if there are no fresh fruits and vegetables to balance things out. Prescription medication can make the body acidic and weaken the immune system. Changing to an alkaline diet will surely make the white fibres fade.

Brown eyes turn green

Brown eyes are usually darker shades of yellow and orange. During detox, kidneys strengthen, and toxicity lessens. Darker colours break up in the eye, and the yellow and blue fibres that remain make the eyes look green. Sometimes, even the yellow fibres may lessen, and there becomes an emphasis on the blue fibres.

    Change My Eye Colour

    Here are some highly regarded detox products:

    Cleanse & Detox Support Kit or Fiber Cleanse Kit

    These are amazing detox systems, they are made from the highest quality natural superfoods, to cleanse from the inside out.  The kits are vegan-friendly, dairy-free, colour free, soy-free, and sugar-free and it’s backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.  High-quality assurance standards are guaranteed and the many satisfied customers are a testament to how great these are.

    Simply put, follow a detox diet of your choice to achieve the desired results.

    Change My Eye Color | Detoxification Works ®

    Detox Kits

    Be sure to check out Detoxification Works ® for all of your detox diet needs. Specifically, you can check out the following hot products: the Cleanse Detox Kit and the Fiber Cleanse Kit.

    Cathy Fleming

    Cathy Fleming
     | Health and Wellness Specialist who has a passion for helping people get proactive about finding a balance between mind and body.


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    • Zarah on

      Does your eyes come clearer if you were to change colour

    • Julia T. on

      I am getting your detox kit for sure :)

    • Mike R. on

      I keep coming back to your website…I ordered a few detox supplements from you for my wife. I noticed that the healthier she becomes the brighter her eyes look, colorwise, I did notice her eyes color becoming lighter yes and the white area in her eyes is whiter also.

    • Sam D. on

      I read this blog a few wks back..I ordered your Organic Seaweed Cleanse. I think it’s working for me and I can see my eyes getting lighter in color – my husband noticed it too…I am also drinking tons of water. This stuff works.

    • Mary L. on

      I love your article and I will order your Detox Kit! I cannot wait! I had blue eyes and now my eyes are brow. I want my blue eyes back, I am ready to start detoxing and clean my body from the inside out! yes yes yes!!!

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