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Fenugreek Sex Drive

Does Fenugreek increase libido?

The Washington Post reports that researchers found that men taking fenugreek can boost their sex drive by a quarter at least. Fenugreek survived clinical studies unlike asparagus, bananas, and almonds. That means that fenugreek was constantly proven to be effective in its effect when it comes to libido. In the study, 60 healthy men of ages 25 to 52 took an extract of the herb twice a day for 6 weeks. They were surveyed about their libido with a special scoring system to analyze changes. By the end of the period, average libido levels increased by 28%. Placebo participants’ libido actually fell. The logic behind it all is that compounds called saponins inside the fenugreek seed are believed to stimulate the production of male sex hormones, including testosterone. Despite the study being done on only men, both men and women can use fenugreek to improve sexual life, which would invigorate life in general.

Detoxification Works ® | Fenugreek Sex Drive

What about fenugreek erectile dysfunction?

WebMD claims that some men use fenugreek for erectile dysfunction, infertility, hernias, and other related problems. It clear that fenugreek is a jack of all trades that should not be overlooked.

Fenugreek Bodybuilding

Nutrient Journal states that diabetic mice were cured by the seed extract of fenugreek while having an increase in weight. The effect of fenugreek on a fat index of diabetic patients with high cholesterol showed that this plant significantly reduces fats. Fenugreek has positive effects on body composition when coupled with resistance training by decreasing body fat. When abused, though, it could potentially cause gynecomastia  or male breast growth. In a nutshell, though, lower body fat accentuates the visual presence of muscles and should definitely be considered by bodybuilders.

Detoxification Works ® | Fenugreek Sex Drive

Best Muscle Supplement

Find all of your favorite lactation supplements on Detoxification Works ®. Feel free to check out supplements such as Hemp Plus Super Foods Complex protein powder, which provides complete and natural protein from hemp as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from 15 other superfoods and herbs. What it also has are essential amino acids, omega oils including essential fatty acids, and dietary fiber, which is beneficial for a healthy colon and stable blood sugar levels. Easily digestible, it does not cause the bloating or flatulence that you get from dairy based protein powders. Unlike other competitors, there is no hexane or other toxic chemicals often used during the hemp protein extraction process as this hemp protein is extracted using only water, pressure, and flocculation. It is beneficial for many things that make it quite an appealing product for buyers or even harvesters.

  • Active lifestyles
  • Appetite control
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Cell repair and growth
  • Cleansing and elimination
  • Energy levels
  • Fat burning
  • Muscle inflammation and recovery
  • Optimal nutrient intake
  • Optimum protein
  • Vegans and vegetarians
  • Stamina and performance
  • The immune system 
  • Weight loss
Dr. Majdi Shahein

Majdi Shahein | Naturopathic Doctor and a Detox Specialist with Detoxification Works ®

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