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The Best Way To Cleanse Your Body Naturally!

Restore Balance and Promote Health

An important part of any detox process is cleansing your system of accumulated toxins and waste that may have built up over time.

You might be wonder, "what is the difference between cleansing and detoxification"? Well, detoxification is the process of unloading toxins, while cleansing is the process of flushing these out of the system so that they do not enter the bloodstream.

We are constantly being exposed to toxins in one form or another, as a result, our bodies are constantly trying to remove them using its detoxification systems and organs (your liver, your lymphatic system, you digestive system, you skin, your lungs and your urinary system)

So, if you feel that you have been exposed to your fair share of toxins and need a 'spring clean”, hiring a Detoxification Specialist is of tremendous value to general health and well-being to regularly cleanse your body and give your detox systems and organs a break.

Your liver. is the primary detoxification organ!  Every toxin you are exposed to (whether inhaled, eaten or absorbed through the skin), will arrive there, the liver will then convert these toxins into a form that is more easily excreted by the other detox organs and systems of the body.

In other words, none of the detoxification systems work in isolation; they are all intrinsically linked and depend on one another. If one system is overworked, additional strain will be placed on other systems.

Regularly cleansing and supporting all the various detox systems and organs, can help to avoid the accumulation of toxins and a resulting high toxic load that can lead to ill-health.

How to “Cleanse” Your Body?

There are several ways that you can help to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and waste, but some of the key methods are described below:

1. Deep Breathing

The lymphatic system relies on movement to function optimally, a sedentary lifestyle does not lead to a healthy immune system or a body with efficient cleansing processes.

Lymph must flow against gravity and three things help to keep it moving:

  • Daily activities (this can increase lymph flow by as much as 10 to 15 times)
  • Contractions of smooth muscle in the lymph vessel walls
  • Movements of the chest during breathing.

Simply, increasing your activity level and breathing deeply helps you cleanse your body!

2. Alkalizing Diet

Your diet plays a central role in the level of toxins in the body.

As toxins accumulate in the body through poor diet (e.g. foods high in saturated fat, artificial additives, preservatives, flavors, colorings etc.), by the same token, the right kinds of foods can also play an invaluable role in the removal of these “toxins” from the body.

By consuming a diet packed with foods that are naturally nourishing and cleansing (such as fresh fruits and vegetables, green leafy plants (such as wheat-grass), living foods rich in enzymes (such as sprouts) and other alkalizing foods), you can support your detoxification systems and processes.  Deficiencies in various vitamins, minerals and amino acids can slow down different aspects of the body's cleansing systems and processes.

Providing your digestive system with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy is a must, such as friendly bacteriadietary fiberantioxidants and digestive enzymes.

 3. Enemas / colonics and colon cleansers

The removal of deposits from the colon at regular intervals, particularly where there is a back-up in the system and/or where sticky, hardened deposits have lodged in the pockets along the bowel walls is crucial.

Colonic irrigation can be of great help in loosening such deposits and making sure that they are thoroughly removed, and your colon remains toned and free of toxins.

Another option is colon cleansing supplements. For some people, long-term digestive disorders (including chronic constipation) can result in serious health issues, including self-poisoning through the long-term re absorption of toxins and wastes into the bloodstream. In these more severe cases, dietary changes can help, but they may not always be enough to fully relieve the constipation and clean out the intestinal tract.


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